Psst… Can You Keep A Secret?

This week, a client called me and asked, “I am going to have a new neighbor, are you working with them?”

I confirmed that I am, without saying who we were talking about. He let me know a mutual friend had told him, and sent him the address. They will be about eight blocks apart when both closings take place this month.

Last month, a couple that I was showing homes to found out that some of their closest friends are also looking for a new home right now. They were initially surprised that I hadn’t told either couple that the other was in the market.

I just chuckled and replied, “It isn’t my news to tell. You should have the privilege of letting your friends know, when you feel the time is right. You were both actually looking at homes with me on the same day!”

Last year I assisted family members in their purchase of a home. They initially expressed concern that other family members would find out before they were ready to make the announcement. I reminded them of when their parents (and in-laws) purchased years ago from me, and no one knew until the deal was done and the news came from the buyer directly.

I will admit it can be a little tricky keeping a secret from other family members. It would be so easy to say something in passing. But it would not be professional.

Marci and I have worked for years knowing confidential information about folks, and it was always understood it would remain confidential.

Many people say they don’t want to do business with friends or family. Often times, they really just don’t want their blabby friends telling everyone their personal business.

Should you do business with friends and family? I cover that question in more detail in my upcoming book Real Estate CSI: Controversy, Secrets, Insight. A Real Estate Agent Exposes Dangers and Dirty Tricks that Cost You Money.

One of the important considerations is: can your friends or family keep their mouth shut?

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One thought on “Psst… Can You Keep A Secret?

  1. Thanks Jim I totally agree. I was told of my new neighbors by friends. I thank you for respecting my privacy.

    I don’t mind sharing things like I bought a new house but personal matters do not need to be expressed.

    I have never lived that close to friends and have mixed feelings about it.

    I am sure all will turn out well.

    Look forward to reading your book if I can buy a signed copy.

    Thank You



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