Would you help protect a friend from a predator?

Don’t worry. I am not going to ask you to risk your life by intervening in a physical assault.

But I am serious – you have friends who are in danger at this very moment and need your help.

The problem is: you don’t know who they are. They suffer in silence.

Every day, hundreds of predators in your region gather the ammunition to attack victims. I have recently come across some more of their simple tools, and am reminded that the danger is real.

I am asking you to help me get the word out.

What is a predator? Throughout nature, the stronger prey on the weaker.

When a pride of lions approaches a herd of zebras, who is the most likely victim of the day? The smallest, weakest, youngest or injured zebra is going to become a part of the food chain.

A similar thing happens in the oceans, and in the air. The strong overpower the weak, and life goes on for the victors.

There are many examples of humans preying on others. The type of predator I am talking about today is the “sinvestor” (those willing to lie, cheat and steal; preferably from someone desperate and defenseless) who is searching for the distressed homeowners who are easy to take advantage of.

Before you think “None of my friends are distressed” let me assure you of this: unless you are a hermit, you know people who are distressed. But unless they are trying out for a “reality” show, they aren’t broadcasting the details.

In fact, folks are in danger of being victimized long before there are outward signs of trouble. Most of them suffer in silence, hoping for a miracle.

Enter the knight in shining armor, with a dark heart. Holding out hope while taking the little they have left. The folks who least can afford it are the most at risk.

There are dozens of scenarios that can create a situation of financial distress. The most common are a death or divorce; job loss; health challenges; a forced move; investment losses; or outliving savings in retirement. During the housing crash, many mortgages reset to higher interest rates, and the payments doubled at a time when selling wasn’t an option because values were plummeting and buyers were sitting on the sidelines.

While the numbers of foreclosures and pre-foreclosures have dropped significantly, there are still thousands of homeowners going through that process today, in every region of every state.

They all have options, but most are too confused or scared to seek them out. They are also afraid to answer the phone, open their mail, or respond to a knock on the door.

Why so much fear?

Because they are bombarded all day long with promises, threats, and lies. Sinvestors, scammers, attorneys, bill collectors, real estate agents and the banks they owe money to are filling their voicemail and postal mailboxes with messages of all types.

How can they tell the good guys from the bad? Which promises are just the openings to a scam? Should they trust the guy with the fancy letterhead and the fancy car, or are those warning signs? Will the guy with the magic marker sign on the corner really pay them more than anyone else for their home?

It can be too much to think about, which is why so many don’t make any progress in the right direction. They just hunker down and wait. In silence. Time is money, and they are losing both.

These phrases don’t seem dangerous, do they?

“I pay top dollar for the homes I buy.”

“I am serious about closing on your house quickly.”

“I’ll buy your house, just as it is.”

“Don’t worry about realtor commissions; you won’t have to pay any.”

They seem like the answer to a prayer, if you need to sell your home quickly, for the most money, and without having to make any repairs.

That is why these are the top four power phrases taught by a real estate investment guru who claims to have tens of thousands of students. Every one of those students is hoping to find your friends before anyone else gets a chance to fleece them.

Why do I use such strong words? Well, here are some quotes from the gurus marketing piece, looking for more wanna-be investors to sell his high end training program to.

The sellers I’m talking about aren’t the ones you see on the MLS listing their homes.

They’re not the homeowners who will sell to you on the condition you pay what THEY want.

And they’re not the sellers who respond to the typical and tired “I Buy Houses” postcards or websites.

The sellers I’m talking about are the pirate’s gold.

The sellers that NO ONE else knows about…or how to reach. The ones who are drop dead desperate to hand you the keys to their homes in the blink of an eye.

THIS is what I mean when I say ‘ultra-motivated’…the ONLY homeowner you should EVER buy a house from. Buying from anyone else can cost you a FORTUNE.

These nice homes have HUGE back-end profits built into them. Why? Because the nice folks and families I bought them from were SUPER MOTIVATED to get rid of them. Which means I picked them up for a steal.

I don’t want to hear any excuses for not doing what it takes (which ain’t much) to attract the PRIMO SELLERS in your market that are willing to sell you their home at a smokin’ discount.

This training is not for whiners.

This training is not for people who make excuses.

And it’s not for people who waste 9 months doing nothing and thinking they have to get all their pretty little ducks in a row first so they can feel good about calling themselves an ‘investor.’

Well, isn’t that precious? Can’t you just feel the love and concern?

That is why I need your help getting this information out to others. 

The training doesn’t seem congruent with the four phrases of comfort the homeowner is going to hear, does it?

Here is why those four phrases are so effective.

  • “I am serious about closing on your house quickly.” When the wolf is at the door, folks need help, fast!
  • “I’ll buy your house, just as it is.” Distressed sellers don’t have the funds to fix the home up before selling, so this seems like a blessing.
  • “I pay top dollar for the homes I buy.” Well, it seems like he may have a different definition of this than the desperate homeowner who thinks this means no one else will pay any more than this guy will.
  • “Don’t worry about realtor commissions; you won’t have to pay any.” He laughs about this one, because the “perceived savings” actually costs these sellers money. Lots of it. In many states, a Realtor would be found negligent if they allowed the seller to accept the type of offer these guys will bring to the table. To receive full market value requires full market exposure. Remember, this trainer is talking about finding sellers before anyone else does, so there is no competitive offer, and nowhere near full market value to the sellers!

I have an e-book in the works that is designed to help distressed homeowners in their time of need. It is essentially an excerpt out of the book I have been working on getting published, and I want to publish the main book first. But I will come up with a solution to get the information folks need as soon as they contact me.

I’m trying to keep this post from growing to the size of a book chapter. I go into a lot more detail in the upcoming book, such as:

  • The three people you must talk to before you make any decisions
  • The 14 options you have when facing foreclosure
  • How the different options affect your credit score and employment
  • Why Doing Nothing is the Second Worst Choice You Can Make

Folks have options, and they need to know what they are. Being conned out of their home by a smooth-talking “professional nice guy” is not the best way to go!

Every week, hundreds of gurus teach thousands of students how to find the financially weak and convince them to make bad decisions.

Please, share this with your social media connections so the warning can get out.

All I can do is attempt to get the word out that many times IT IS A WOLF at the door! Folks need to be careful about who they consult when their home and their future are at stake.

I can’t stress enough that you need good legal and tax advice. Laws vary from state to state; you must obtain counsel that understands the legal consequences in your state. Especially because the “rules” are changing so frequently, information that was relevant a while back could be bad advice today.

You also need a good real estate agent who understands the options and works well with the other professionals to bring about a successful closing. That is what allows the financial and emotional healing to begin.

I will interview agents for you in your area if you are not sure who to call. Email me with your location. I will confirm some details with you, and will tap into my database of agents with the necessary skills.

That offer is good for all situations, not just distressed sales. If you don’t have an agent in your area, or are moving to a new location, keep this in mind.

I am a member of several national and international networks of real estate professionals who have advanced training in various segments of the business. I can help you find a top agent you will be comfortable working with, based on your specific situation.

I am also able to refer to agents who work with all of the major franchises as well as independent offices. Because I work for an independent office, I am not restricted as to who I am allowed to recommend in other parts of the country.

If someone has entrusted you with the details of their situation, private message them or email them the link. Please don’t call them out online! Fear of public humiliation is a big part of what immobilizes folks from taking any action. It is a shame because this is a time when they need to be making good decisions, quickly!





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